Stonington and the Isle of Haut 6.24 to 6.28


Stonington and the Isle of Haut 6.24 to 6.28

from 550.00

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and join a paddling expedition, with Rock, Paddle, Surf, Kayak Coaching. We offer a challenging and exciting tour of Isle au Haut, portions of which are in Acadia National Park, and the Stonington Archipelago south of Deer Island, Maine. This area of the Maine Coast has long been a premier destination for serious coastal sea kayakers. The archipelago south of Deer Island Thorofare is dotted with beautiful islands, many of which are on the Maine Island Trail. Our base camp will be the Duck Harbor Campground, on Isle au Haut, the most remote campground in the National Park which is a 10 nautical mile paddle from our out launch point on Deer Island out to the open Atlantic Coast. Isle au Haut, is the crown jewel of this part of the coast with it’s large cliffs and rock gardens, some of them are headlands on the open Atlantic.

Wildlife is abundant on this area of the coast and we are likely to view, bald eagles, ospreys, many species of waterfowl, and harbor seals. Some of the islands of the Stonington Archipelago have old stone quarries and interesting histories. The pink granite quarried here is part of many historic structures. We may take a fresh water swim in one of the quarries and one of the islands still has a working quarry.

We carefully design this tour for the individual skill levels and developmental needs of each of our paddlers. Paddlers on this tour will have the option of practicing rough water skills and rescues near the majestic rocks, ledges and cliffs of Isle au Haut or possibly enjoying, a relaxing and more mellow paddle in the Stonington Archipelago practicing navigation skills while island hopping and viewing wildlife This is all depending on the interests and skill level of the group.

Come join us for a blast along the most beautiful part of the Maine Coast! 

The cost of the trip is only $550 and includes:

3 registered Maine guides for 3 nights and 4 days while visiting a pristine maritime area
kayak instruction when needed or desired
evening meals (prepared by your guides)

Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the launch site, water, breakfast/lunch/snacks, sleeping bags, tents (and other incidentals that will provide a good night's rest).  

For those who need to rent kayaks /  camping equipment, the cost is $650  

All equipment must fit into a kayak and the kayak must be a sea kayak with bulkheads and perimeter deck lines.



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