Coastal Navigation

Coastal Navigation


PART 1: April 20 9-2pm

PART 2: May 19 10-3pm

The Rock, Paddle, Surf Kayak Coaching (RPS) Coastal Navigation course consists of two on-the-water sessions. The goal is to develop skills for safe and enjoyable kayak navigation along the coast (within five miles of land). Day 1 starts with an on-beach (weather dependent) discussion of tides, weather, wind, waves, swell, boat traffic, and wildlife. It continues with an introduction to the marine chart, and the use of a compass. The on-water segment is initially focused on “H2O Orienteering”, with the goal of using the environment, chart, and compass to determine location and direction. The topics include bearings, back bearings, topography, buoys, landmarks, and shore curvature. Rules of thumb related to the on-water estimation of distance and angles are discussed. The second part of the course involves moving on the water, including exploitation of transits, bearing compensation for wind and current (steering off), ferry angles, and parallax. Location: Both sessions will be in Boston Harbor. Registration covers both days. The course will be co-lead by Kevin Beckwith (British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and ACA Advanced OWI) and Bob Levine (British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and ACA OWI)

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