Long Term Paddler Development


“He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”

― Confucius

The life long learning process of sea kayaking attracted us to the sport from the start. No matter how much you think you know, something remains to be learned. This journey, marked by the ebb and flow of success, provides unlimited opportunities for enjoyment. To help paddlers achieve their goals, whether it be fun on flat water or undertaking sea kayak expeditions, we are in it with you for the long run, from the first time you step into a kayak and throughout your paddling career.

The design of our Long Term Paddler Development Program embraces this philosophy. Rather than one time instruction, this program centers on long term coaching. Participants in the program have the chance to participate in six different paddling opportunities that will range in location, environmental challenges, etc. During these small-group outings, we will work with you to define your goals, plan how to attain them, and help you move towards attaining those paddling goals.

Participants can sign up for the program’s six sessions all at once or choose the al a cart option, although in keeping with the spirit of the program, the six session package is recommended. Once purchased, the sessions do not “expire” but we recommend (not require) “using” them within a season to maximize the benefits of the program. To attend a session after purchase, send us an email letting us know which date or dates you want to attend. To register, click here.