Rock Play

For most watching from shore or the water, a kayaker playing the rocks, also called Rock Gardening, can seem to be a reckless and scary pursuit. In fact, it turns out to be one the best ways around to test your boat handling skills as well as your ability to read the water. On the most basic level, rock play involves moving your kayak among the rocks as ocean swells come in. The mixture of power, skill and timing all come into play to provide an exhilarating experience.

Today of the Willows, 3 footers were coming in from the southeast providing a very nice little play to play. From shooting through slots, to surfing a few waves, it provided a good amount of bump without the "h*ly sh*t" factor. I definitely recommend that folks try their hand at a little rock play. If you do, note a couple of things about the pics. (1) I'm wearing a helmet, (2) I never take my eye off the incoming sea, and (3), although hard to tell in the pics, I'm patient and watchful before acting. So get out and enjoy!
Kevin BeckwithComment