Nahant Surf Session 5/19/10

Anytime a Nor'easter blows into town, Salem Sound becomes a really fun place to play.  Bigger breakers make rock play more dynamic and the surf starts to build in Swampscott and Nahant.  With a forecast of 2-5ft and wind gusts up to 25knots, it sounded like a great day  to play, provided we could dodge the wind.

Kings Beach on the Swampscott/Lynn line provided us with that opportunity.  I arrived around 4pm, with about 40 minutes until the high tide mark.  Very little beach was available for launching given the high water and the sea wall that lines the entire area, but I made good use of what little there was available.

Although the period was a mere 6 seconds, the waves were decently sized and generally within the 2-3 foot range with a 5 foot set coming in periodically.  In the photos you can see the "mayhem" that existed when I arrived.  I also played a little with the video on the camera while I was waiting for the others to arrive.  Several video clips captured the ride down the 2-3 footers from an interesting angle.  The next time I do this it will have to be with the Go Pro Helmet Cam.

Bob and John arrived closer to 4:45 and were on the water closer to 5:15.  Both enjoyed some good rides with Bob getting thrashed around a bit (good practice:) and John reporting that the last wave he took beat him up in the end.  Although my waterproof camera had a full memory card, I managed to get a few shots of the others using my iPhone.

So overall, the waves were perfect for long boats.  A couple of things to remember is to look where you want to go, try to steer clear of the stern rudder, using leans instead, and note that all waves look big when your in the trough.  Once you're on them, they become more reasonably sized.