Marblehead to Misery, Paddle with NSPN, L3 Solstice Trip

This is not so much a trip report as a pictorial synopsis of Saturday's L3 paddle.  16 paddlers in 15 boats left Riverhead around 9:45am in pods of 9 and 6, with the goal of paddling to the outside Salem Sound to Misery.  The pods followed the same route, played a little at Children's before breaking on the southern Gooseberry.   The Dry Breakers beckoned after the stop where we found a little bit to play in before continuing on towards Misery.  A longish break on Great Misery before heading back via Eagle Island and Gray's Rock.  Back at Riverhead at 3:30pm.  11nm.  A beautiful day of great paddling, great conversation and great people with a great organization.