Cohassett 7.31.2011

I had a chance to paddle with some friends in Cohasset and although the conditions were a bit tame that day, they were right in terms of how much potential there is in that little spot.  The shallow areas outside the harbor should really kick up during storms while the entry to Little Harbor offers much in the way of standing waves.

One of the most interesting features of the area has to be Minot Light.  The light is only about a mile offshore and very easy to get to in calm weather.  Although not unique to this house, it has a mysterious aura as it rises directly out of the water.  You can paddle right up to and around it but during rough weather that would not be recommended for the casual kayaker.

Besides the potential for rock play and standing waves, there also happens to be an interesting whitewater wave that I will have to try out in the future.  The wave can be seen in this satellite pic from google:

Overall a great time with some great people. For more pics, please visit Cohasset Pictures
Kevin BeckwithComment