York, ME 8.7.2011

The NOAA forecast appeared to be a rough one.  Winds out of the south 15-20knots with gusts to 25, seas 4-6 feet, fog and the potential of thunderstorms.  Oh, and rain, lots of it.  Sometime when you read forecasts like this, you just don't feel like going out, opting instead for the couch and a good book (or beer and perhaps more beer).  Since Gillian and I rarely get time to paddle together on the weekends, with Salem Kayak closed due to inclement weather, we couldn't pass up the chance.  With friends Phil and Lorrie, we ventured up to York to see what was about, with the original plan to head up north to Knubble Light.

Upon arriving at Harris Island Road, we had a light rain, but little wind and no t-storms, so we opted for a whimsical paddle out of the harbor to see what things were like.
The current can be swift in the river, but today it was light given our start on the later part of the ebb and a return on the early portion of the flood.  After an uneventful short trip to the mouth, we were greeted with the sounds and sights of breaking surf.  Immediately outside of the harbor is a shallow ledge guarded by two large outcropping, which were completely exposed due to low tide.  In the roughly 30 foot span between the rocks, 2-4 foot waves were being channeled through.

We spent the next couple of hours whooping it up in the surf with the waves eventually topping out around 5ft.  As always, nothing beats a day in the slop with good friends.  For the complete set of pictures, see York pictures
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