A little bit of bump, 6.28.2015

Before launch
The weather forecast grew more foreboding as the day of our paddle approached.  Not surprisingly, folks started to drop out as winds and waves increased beyond comfort levels.  The final group did not even materialize until late the night before the paddle.  We would be three paddlers going out for as long as everyone felt comfortable.  And so it was that three paddlers launched out into Goosefare Bay destined for Cape Porpoise under a gale warning.
Before launch

Making ready

The shoals that spread out past the beach provided ample protection from the large swells, so the launch was uneventful.  The wind, though, was howling between 20-25kts.      Once all three were on the water, we headed for Cape Porpoise.  With increasing waves on the beam once beyond the protection of the shoals, we made our way to the shelter of West Goose Rocks.  We were able to get a better view of Cape Porpoise in spite of the driving rain from this spot.  The lee of West Goose Rocks enabled us to identify the course we would eventually take to wind our way through the 6-8 footers now plowing through the area.  The rescue of a camera many, many times turned out to be the only incident, and we made good progress without incident until breaking for shelter in Sampson Cove off of Nessler Point.

Crossing before West Goose Rocks

Swell size from kayak level during crossing to West Goose Rocks

Swell size from kayak level during crossing to West Goose Rocks
Video of swell during initial crossing
No worse for the wear in Sampson Cove

By this time, it was decided that we would take our extremely generous host, Shari, up on her offer to pick us up at Town Wharf, making this a one-way paddle.  Given the difficulty with directional control one paddler was having on the trip, and the fact that we would be paddling directly into the 25t winds, we concluded that this would be the best course of action.  Before pulling the plug on the paddle, we decided to explore the inside of Cape Porpoise and visit the lighthouse on Goat Island.

Approaching Goat Island

Panoramic from inside the lighthouse

From inside the lighthouse

Video of conditions between Folly and Green Island

After a little more play and conditions worsening, we made our way directly against the wind for Town Wharf.  Not only did Shari provide a great place to launch, she arrived minutes after we made the pickup call and then generously shared her excellent, homemade chicken stew.  Great paddling, great people.  It doesn't get any better.

Buoy data from Western Maine Shelf and Wells Reserve, 9am to 4pm on 6/28