Isle of Shoals, 8.8.2015

The forecast early in the week gave some pause about undertaking this trip, but luckily the low pressure system on everyone's radar stayed far enough south of us that we only ended up with a  few clouds from it.   We enjoyed sunny, cool temperatures as the eight of us left Ordionne's Point bound for the Shoals under a forecasted 5-10kt winds from the north turning east, and seas 1-2ft.   This matched the buoy data for the day.  Having done this trip from Rye Harbor previously, this one was launched from Portsmouth to take advantage of the predicted currents.

Heading out with the Shoals ahead.
After rounding the breakwater, we turned to a 150M course and made for the Shoals, using the opportunity to practice navigation and forward paddling.  Everyone was in great spirits and participating in excellent conversation.    After paddling for 2:15 hours, we arrived without incident at the Shoals, with Duck and Appledore to our left and Lunging and White to our right.

Lunging on approach to Star

Lunging with White in the background

IS buoy

As usual, the people on Star island were very welcoming and we lunched in the gazebo at one of the highest points on the island, providing breathtaking views of the area.   Upon speaking with one of the employees on Star, we found out that the island gets 100% of its power from its own solar array when there are no conferences, and 60% during its largest conference.  Excellent news!

White from Star

Panoramic from the gazebo
View of solar array on Star

After a leisurely lunch, we headed out around Star for a play in the rocks, finding a bit even with the calm seas.

Southern tip of Star

A further stop on Smuttynose and we headed for home on a 330M course, encountering a bit more boat traffic but even less wind and smaller waves.  As always, it's the people that make the trip enjoyable, and that was true of the group.

Course followed, around 17nm