Matinicus Day 5: Matinicus Harbor to Tenants Harbor

On our last day, we awoke to calm winds and thick fog.  After a quick breakfast provided once more by Bill, we bid him a fond farewell and headed for the beach, with an 0800 launch time.  With having to repack the boats we finally launched at 0820 into a decent fog.  We hand railed along the for about 25 minutes until we hit 305M, the planned course given the expected current and wind.  My securitae call was answered with "I hope you have your tin hats on,"  so with a chuckle we left the northern coast of Matinicus and proceeded with the foggy 5nm crossing to Large Green.  

Prior to launching, there was widespread agreement to check out the beached buoy on Little Green that we had seen on our first day of paddling.  After pulling the boats through some of the smelliest, muckiest low tide water, we had lunch on the same log we used on the way out.   Once done with lunch, we ventured around to the eastern side of the island to finally check out the buoy on the beach.  The thing was enormous!  It appeared that it had broken loose during a storm since one the three chains holding it was gone. The water-powered whistle was still present, but either the red light that should have been there was either removed by the storm or by someone who stumbled across the buoy on the beach. 

After climbing over, under and in it, we noted the buoy's mark of 14M with plans to check out its original location.  Once back on land, I managed to track down the buoy as originally located southwest of Mohegan Island or about 18nm as the crow flies.  The storm / subsequent swell had delivered the approximately 6 ton navigation marker quite a long way!  Curiosity satisfied, we got back on the water for the final leg of the journey back to Tenants Harbor.  With a variable southeast wind and ebbing tide, we ferried the remaining 8nm from Little Green and back to the put in.  

The padding, the people, the weather, the wildlife, and the island culture made this trip one of the most memorable.  It tests your endurance, both physically and mentally, and reminds us of why we train so hard. 


Approximately 18nm.



Kevin BeckwithComment