Matinicus Day 4: Matinicus Harbor to Seal Island

After approximately 60nm of paddling over three days, Beth decided to stay ashore this day and explore the island.  The rest of us made for Wooden Ball and Seal Island in an attempt to go around every island in the immediate vicinity.   We had another fine weather day when we left Tenants Harbor around 0915, heading east towards Wooden Ball Island.  

Venturing up the eastern side of the island, there were only three easy shore access points, choosing to land for a bit at Back Cove.  We continued along, following the coast, until we reached the end of Frenchman Cove, at which point we turned northeast toward Seal Island.  Although Matinicus Rock is supposed to have the Puffin population, we were surprised to find many more on the way to, and at, Seal Island.  While crossing, we saw several pods of Porpoise with their dorsal fins and backs clearly breaking the surface.  

The Puffin population at Seal was immense.  They soar around us as we passed, checking us out before flying off to their burrows.  On the eastern side of Seal, the full impact of ocean swell could be felt, even though it was a rather quiet day.  One could easily sense how intense the area would be in a storm.  We continued around Seal, and then headed back towards Wooden Ball.  As we made the crossing, we were entertained by more Porpoise and Puffins, and came across a rather large sailboat out of Rockland, Maine.  As we proceeded, we could see the fog approaching.  Unlike the day before, Matinicus Rock light could not be clearly seen, and when we finally reached Wooden Ball for a brief pitstop at Northeast Cove, the fog was upon us.  We took our bearing, chose our course and made for Tenants Harbor with another day of exceptional experiences under our belts. 

Approximately 16nm.



Kevin BeckwithComment